Max is a three-and-a-half-year old bundle of bunny energy. He is physically fearless, cheerful, enthusiastic and stubborn. His will of iron is sometimes a source of frustration to his big sister Ruby. Max doesn't talk a lot and or go to school yet, but that doesn't stop him from turning the tables on Ruby and cheerfully getting his way. Max loves his sister but will never do something just because she wants him to. Max loves trucks, rockets, mud and his red rubber elephant. He also enjoys really tacky candy like Slime Dribblers and Red-Hot Marshmallow Squirters.

Ruby is a seven-year-old bunny. She is very smart and extremely organized. She is a second-grader who loves being in charge and believes she is the perfect bunny to help her little brother Max grow up right. She may be bossy, but she's patient and she adores her brother. Ruby never gets into trouble because she always follows the rules - she also loves making the rules. Ruby loves ice skating, shopping and talking on the telephone with Louise. Grandma taught Ruby to bake, and she frequently makes delicious treats such as cakes and lemonade. Ruby is also a Bunny Scout, and she especially enjoys selling Bunny Scout brownies in her home town.

Louise is Ruby's best friend and classmate. She's 7 years old and sits right next to Ruby at school. Louise is very close to Ruby in almost every way.

Grandma lives next door to Max & Ruby and is totally devoted to both of them. Grandma is a bunny of many surprises. She usually resolves whatever issue is dividing Max & Ruby never by taking sides but always by arriving with the perfect reaction or solution.

Valerie is Ruby's funniest friend. Valerie has a flare for the dramatic and loves to tell scary ghost stories and make her friends laugh. She tackles everything, even if she isn't very good at it, and is never fazed.

Roger Piazza is in Ruby and Louise's class at school. He's 7 and a half years old, which gives him an elevated status in Ruby and Louise's eyes. He's a real athlete and likes to play basketball. Roger is also a bunny of few words.

Mr. Piazza owns the market where Max and Ruby do all their grocery shopping. Friendly and helpful, he prides himself on having everything his customer needs, and likes to keep his store well-organized.

Candi owns the Candy Store and loves pleasing the kids with her supply of candies. She' a little eccentric, but she's also a very smart businesswoman and when you get down to it, Candi's really a kid who never grew up or had to!

Rosalinda owns the gift shop in town and loves helping her customers find just the right gift. Not only does she know everything about everybody, she also has wonderful insights into people and their personalities.

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